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    Sunday, February 28, 2016

    Future Bus Travel Trends

    Why Bus Travel Become the Trend

         Nowadays much less travelers drive their car to travel and explore. As cheap and reliable public transportation become the standard tool for transportation, people tends to travel by bus with family and friends because they can seat closer to each other with more time to chat without worrying about driving security. Additionally, buses are environment friendly as gas emissions from buses have been reduced dramatically. Buses use the road space efficiently; they can carry more people while occupy fixed space. In less than a decade megabus and greyhound have carried more than 10 million passengers, primarily in London and other metropolitan areas.

    Friday, October 16, 2015

    What Are the Peak Seasons for Bus Travel

    It is still an undeniable fact: bus travel reigns supreme as one of the most affordable long-distance travel methods. Bus lines such as Greyhound and Megabus provide service all around the United States and beyond. Bus travel is the great equalizer. The affordability of bus fare makes it possible for people to see their relatives for the holidays.

    Peak season for bus travel happens during the summer and the winter months. The summer months are of course popular because of the warmer weather. The winter months are considered peak season as well because people ride bus routes to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    The wonderful thing about bus travel is that you don't have to book your tickets months in advance like with airfare. Unlike travel by air, when you book your seat on bus services you can get away with booking two to four months in advance of your intended departure date. To save money on bus tickets and get better seating options, we recommend that you book your seats three to four weeks in advance of when you need to travel. This will give you more flexibility and will ensure that the seats are available.

    During peak travel seasons, seats on popular buses like Megabus become much more scarce, so you'll need to act fast on your travel plans. Make sure you use our guide on how to save money and find bus promo codes so you can enjoy affordable rates on your next bus travel purchase.

    How to Find Real Bus Promo Codes

    Ah, yes. One of the great mysteries of life. The ever elusive promotion code that actually works and gives you a true savings: do they exist? And if so, how do you find them? We first introduced you to the problem at the outset of this long and detailed analysis. We humbly suggest that finding a bus promotion code that actually works is much easier said than done. All of us understand the "what" of these beneficial discounts, but the "what" is meaningless without the how.

    The semi-scientific method we use to discover new bus travel promo codes is our little trade secret. It's how we maintain a competitive advantage over all others who falsely purport to possess these coveted little digits.

    So without revealing how we find these specials, we will proceed to identify what promotions are currently available. Your patience will be rewarded generously if you continue reading through the intricacies of this highly informative article.

    What Bus Coupons are Currently Available?

    Our connections tell us enough but we have to piece together the big picture. Word on the street and the Internet alike is that there are currently no active coupons you can redeem on the official website. This is because brands such as Megabus already offer such low prices they do not need to offer promo codes right now. However, when the holiday season ramps up, that definitely might change.

    Based on our three years of expertise, our prognostication is that new megabus.com promo codes will start to appear around the start of November. These promotions will probably be for 20% to 30% off ticket prices, and of course there will also be that tantalizing $1 bus fare deal that gets dangled in front of our eyes each year. The good news is that this year, you'll have us as a resource. So when you're ready to scope out new discounts for bus travel in the final two months of 2015, come back to this website and we'll give you the juicy lowdown.

    Sunday, October 11, 2015

    How to Save Money on Bus Tickets

    Planning Ahead

    Decisiveness is always better than indecisiveness. When you know you need to take a trip, set a firm date for your departure. Be decisive about when you will leave and where you need to go. Once you have those variables under control, then you will be able to see the future in more definite terms. That will give you the clarity you need to find the best dates when buying a bus ticket.

    Searching for Promo Codes

    As with all online purchases, you should search for a bus promo code before making any final purchase. Bus operators such as Megabus, Greyhound and Bolt Bus have a variety of promotions going on every year. However, they are not easily found. Luckily for you, our website presents you with updated and precise ways to use these discounts to your advantage.

    Applying a promotion code when you check out can make the difference between $10 to $20. As Benjamin Franklin once mused: a penny saved is a penny earned. The less you spend, the less you have to work, and the more you stretch every dollar you currently own. Keep your eye out for increasing value by paying less for something that you would have paid more for it you did not spend the extra five minutes looking for a special discount.

    Book Your Seats Early

    Booking seats as early as you can will ensure that you don't have to pay higher fees. You will also see a better availability and more options in terms of seats that are not in a crowded space. Our experience with riding premium bus lines has varied. When we book early enough, we have been able to select better seats that are quiet and secluded. When we booked seats closer to our date of departure, the prices were higher and the seats were not as good. Make sure you exercise your decisive mindset and decide when exactly you will take your trip. Planning ahead of time, using promotion codes and booking seats early are the three ways to save money on bus travel tickets.


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